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In the year 21XX, mankind took to the stars. Being able to colonize the galaxy was still a far-reaching dream, but step by step, the human race was coming closer to achieving that ambition. It's been 15 years since the first Martian colony, Morpheus Outpost, was established. Since then, many others have been set up throughout the surface of the red planet, so despite the atmosphere being uninhabitable, the settlers have managed to somewhat colonize and tame the boring wastelands. Things begin to change as the ancient wastelands finally start to reveal their mysteries…

The game begins in Morpheus Outpost (Population = 2500). Among its inhabitants, there are Soldiers, Technicians, Scientists and Civilians. While broad, these categories encompass many things beyond their initial name (soldiers includes infantrymen, police, pilots; technicians includes astronauts, engineers; scientists includes doctors, etc) and there may even be overlap between them— at the end, it's only a label that dictates your duties in the Outpost, and grants you an additional related stunt. The power level is down-to-earth, and the combat is somewhat lethal.

Stress and Consequences
+ Consequences don't heal on their own. Appropriate steps need to be taken (going to a doctor for physical/letting out steam with someone for mental).
+ Physical Stress is determined by your current Equipment (see below). Without any equipment, you don't have any Stress boxes.

+ Guns and melee weapons have a Rating, giving them the ability to inflict that many shifts (an Assault Rifle may have WR:2, inflicting 2 more shifts on a successful attack). Guns also lose their effectiveness over long ranges, unless you have a stunt.
+ Armor determines your Physical Stress, though they stack, to a point. Thick clothing and space suits grant you a single Stress box; bulletproof armor grants you two Stress boxes, and gives you an Armor Rating of 2 (only against projectiles). This Stress does not come back at the end of the scene.
+ Only soldiers can openly carry weapons in the Outpost or have access to body armor.

+ The skill pyramid is +3 (2), +2 (3), +1 (4). You can have two Specializations.
+ Refresh is 3, with a free Signature Stunt and two regular stunts. In addition, your Duty gives you a free stunt (see Duty page).
+ The two Crossing Path aspects are replaced with Bonds: filled in during the game, they represent a significant relationship (good or bad) with an NPC.
+ The Resources skill does not see 'official' use in the Outpost. Bribes usually see favors used as the currency.

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