Every man, woman and child in the Morpheus Outpost is expected to carry out their duty, as assigned by the Commander. Based on your chosen duty, you gain certain perks.

Soldier (Watchman, patrol, peacekeeping, wasteland escort)
The only people in the outpost who are allowed to openly carry guns. Soldiers have clearance to the Armory (1F) and the Guard Station (2F).
Together We Stand – Invoking aspects made by other Soldiers gain a +3 bonus instead of +2.
This Man Is Your Friend – Choose from Rapport, Leadership, Intimidation. When using the skill on a Civilian, you succeed with style on every success.

Technician (Repairs, outpost communications, wasteland equipment maintenance)
The only people capable of reaching the other Martian outposts. Technicians have clearance to the Radio Room (1F).
Technological Acumen - Alien technologies are easier to reverse-engineer.
Handy Omnitool - Able to gain access into other areas of the Outpost using Engineering… just don't get caught.

Scientists (Research, development, health but not safety)
The only people capable of starting the healing process for severe wounds. Scientists have clearance to the Medical Bay (1F).
Turn Your Head And Cough - Can heal others' minor/moderate consequences immediately, with the right tools at hand.
The equation for the light is E=MC² x 
∞! – Complex Academic/Science rolls don't require a study or computer to solve.

Civilians (Farming, incredibly specific insight, teaching, <s>reprodu</s>miscellaneous niche activities)
Blue collar workers and school professors, shipped from Earth and freely relocated to and from the Outposts.
An Error in the System - Gain another Duty's free stunt.
Space Upbringing – Your soul is not weighed down by gravity, so you gain an extra mental Mild consequence slot.


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