Konrad Granger

"Patrol one, surface sweep complete."


Name: Konrad Granger ( Art 1 / Art2 )
Duty: Soldier

High Concept: Bored Infantryman on Martian Soil
The recruitment agency for the mission to Mars promised an exciting future for all those with enough guts and gumption to sign up for it, and maybe it was at first… but after settling in, everything pretty much just became routine. The military complement particularly suffered: endlessly drilled, patrolling the Martian desert, and waiting out their deployment on a perpetual ‘standby’ stance. Konrad, just like the others in his unit, is bored half to death… any kind of excitement (however risky) is bound to get his full attention and best effort.

Trouble: Bumped Down to Private
Boredom makes people do strange, and stupid things. Although fraternization among the Martian colonists of Morpheus Outpost was encouraged, sometimes you have to follow the old adage of ‘look, but don’t touch’. In this case, the touching was both mutual and extensive… the only problem was that the woman was the daughter of the Colony Administrator, and that guy had pull among the Officer corps. A little fun ended with a stay in the brig, and a demotion to Private for Konrad. If that were all, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem. The friction caused by the whole event has made Konrad’s dealings with administrative personnel and higher ranking officers much less pleasant.

Personal Aspect: No One Gets Left Behind
Say what you will about Private Konrad Granger, but the guy is brave as hell, and cares a lot about the other people in his unit. The only time he’s ever really been able to show off this admirable trait was when a fierce sandstorm cut off a wayward patrol. In spite of the odds stacked against him, Konrad managed to locate the patrol, and lead them back to an airlock before their air supply ran out.

Bond: TBD

Bond: TBD

Bonus Skills Specialization
Guns, Awareness
Athletics, Resolve, Rapport
Academics, Endurance, Leadership, Stealth

Stunts | Refresh 3
[Signature Stunt] Soldier of Fortune – Konrad might not seem like the luckiest guy in Morpheus Outpost, but his fortune is good when it really counts. A falling pipe just misses him, his air tank lasts just long enough, and there’s just enough bullets in the magazine to drop a target. Add a new stress track to Konrad’s sheet called ‘Luck’ with two boxes. Once per scene, Konrad may check off a box to gain a free invoke. When all the boxes are filled, his luck has run out.

[Duty] Together We Stand – Invoking aspects made by other Soldiers gain a +3 bonus instead of +2.

[Guns] Mag’ Dump – “Short controlled bursts? Screw that.” Konrad may place the [Out of Ammo] aspect on his current weapon in order to count a single ‘Guns’ roll as being (+ + + +)

[Leadership] Chain of Command – There’s not many folks in the military that Konrad outranks, but the civilians and technical staff are technically lower on the totem pole. Leadership rolls on non military/scientist individuals are at a +2.

Stress & Consequences
Mental [ ][ ][ ]
Luck [ ][ ]

Mild [ ]:
Moderate [ ]:
Severe [ ]:
Extreme [ ]:



Konrad Granger

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